Paralympic Games 2018: only two sports for Belarus?


Paralympic Games 2018: only two sports for Belarus?

Nikolay Shudeyko, chef of the Belarus National Paralympic Committee mission in South Korea and the Secretary General of Belarusian Paralympic Committee, gave some details about the participation of Belarus in the 2018 Paralympic Games to CTV.

Who is likely to get into Belarussian team to go to Paralympic Games? And what sports will our team represent?

Nikolay Shudeyko, Secretary General of Belarusian Paralympic Committee:
Our team will participate only in two disciplines: cross-country skiing and biathlon. According to the international rules and specific aspects of Paralympic Games, the same athlete can compete in these two disciplines.

Our Belarussian team will compete only in two disciplines. What do you think is the reason for that?

Nikolay Shudeyko:
Firstly, Paralympic Games have their own character. The Winter Paralympics consist of six disciplines.
Secondly, Winter Paralympics impose some technical difficulties as Belarus doesn’t have so much snow. Athletes need special equipment for cross-country skiing. To organize training is quite challenging. And we have to deal with this situation from the financial aspect too; we have to estimate the cost bearing in mind money financed by our government for the support of Paralympic sports.
One more reason is that we don’t have enough people who would participate in such a competition.