FC BATE preparing for 2018/19 Belarus' season with new head coach


FC BATE preparing for 2018/19 Belarus' season with new head coach

Not so long ago, the Belarusian football club BATE announced that Oleg Dulub was appointed new head coach of the team.

On January 16, the coach conducted the first training with the team.

Everyone remembers Oleg Dulub for his success in FC Krumkacy. Undoubtedly, since that time the coach has improved: he successfully showed himself in Lviv's Karpaty and Odessa's Chernomorets. But BATE is another level. Here everyone is waiting for the manager's results, and immediately.

Alexei Rios, BATE player:
Coaching staff has changed, but the philosophy of BATE has not changed. And the tasks are maximum. We want to achieve maximum success everywhere, including in European competitions. I hope that we will show our strength again next season and will win.

At the post Oleg Dulub will have to address a number of issues. The first is the retirement of Vitali Rodionov. The legendary striker left a mark in the history of the Borisov club. But now the team needs to find him a worthy replacement.

Oleg Dulub, BATE manager:
I talked with Vitali. I did not persuade him, we talked for a long time. He said that this is the final decision and he goes to work at the club.

The fate of Alexander Volodko is not clear. The player's contract with the club has expired. Alex was not present at the first training session of this season. Vitaly Gaiduchik's agreement has also ended. However, Dulub for now refuses to speak about any transfers.

Oleg Dulub:
Let's leave it all for now. We'll figure it out, and there you'll find out everything in your time.

BATE is going to hold the first friendly on January 20. In Bobruisk, the team will play vs FC Belshina.

At the very end of January, the Barysau club will go to Turkey, where they plan to conduct six friendlies.