Belarusians fined at Dakar 2018


Belarusians fined at Dakar 2018

Photo: MAZ

At the fourth stage of the Dakar marathon near the city of San Juan de Marcon in Peru, Belarusian riders were accused of allegedly damaging a Toyota car and received 20 minutes of penalty time and were also fined 300 euros, the Belarusian team said.

According to Belarusian athletes, MAZ was overtaking two crews. At one point, a truck ahead was not able to climb a dune and started to move down. Not wanting to collide with it, MAZ also began to descend and slightly hit a Toyota, which was stuck in the sands without the alarm signal on. The crew of Toyota, as noted by the Belarusians, was "repairing something" at that moment, but after the incident they were able to start the engine and left. 

As it turned out later, the pilot of the damaged car complained to the race organizer, presenting as proof the photograph of the crumpled part of the trunk.

The Belarusian team were fined. However, Sergey Vyazovich noted that he hopes to resolve the situation within a few days.

"We gave them the video from the MAZ cameras, so in the next few days, I think we will manage to challenge this decision," he said.

Prior to this case, MAZ ranked third in the overall standings. Now the Belarusian crew slid down to fourth.

MAZ of Alexander Vasilevsky is going 15th, while Alexei Vishnevsky is 17th.