Belarus' HC Yunost win Continental Cup for third time


Belarus' HC Yunost win Continental Cup for third time

Hockey players of Minsk Yunost for the third time in history became winners of the Continental Cup.

The Minskers won the current trophy at home.

Konstantin Zakharov, forward of HC Yunost-Minsk:
Nomad is a very good team. Somewhere they could even score. If it had happened, maybe the game would finish in a whole different way.

In the second period, Yunost broke the defense of Nomad thanks to better speed. After the first 20-minute Minskers led 2:1. After the second period, the hosts increased their advantage to 4:1, and, it seems, Nomad's chances were no longer there.

Alexei Efimenko, forward of HC Yunost-Minsk:
We could not start as we wanted to, because there was some stiffness. But then we found our play and eventually won.

Nevertheless, the guests did have a change to get back into the game. At the beginning of the third period, they shortened the gap to 2:4 and looked quite threatening. However, on the 51st minute Parfyevets scored a fifth for the Minsk club and the game ended.

Yunost for the third time in history won the Continental Cup, and this is a tournament record. Moreover, the Minskers obtained a ticket to the Champions League for 2019.

Konstantin Zakharov:
Of course, we are happy, we have been going for this for a long time - since the beginning of the season. In the first half of the season there was a task to win the Continental Cup and we achieved it. Now other tasks are ahead.

Alexei Efimenko:
I will tell you honestly: victories are not boring. Therefore, this will only have a positive effect. I want to win more and more.

Celebrations of the victory in the Continental Cup certainly will not last long. Ahead Yunost has matches of the national championship and the spring playoffs. The hockey season in Belarus is in full swing.