Domracheva's husband left without 2018 Winter Olympics


Domracheva's husband left without 2018 Winter Olympics

Ole Einar Bjørndalen does not agree that he will have to miss the 2018 Olympic Games. The athlete said that he could have come for the competition in Pyeongchang in the right form.

In an interview with TV2, the renowned biathlete commented on the decision of the Norwegian Biathlon Federation and the National Olympic Committee.

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Ole-Einar Bjoerndalen:
This is unpleasant, I must admit it. My goal was to go to the Olympics, to perform well there and take a medal. Now I won't be able to do this. The decision has already been taken, but I, as before, believe that in the current situation I could take a medal at the Games. This is what is unpleasant.

It was revealed on January 16 that the king of biathlon Ole Einar Bjoerndalen had not qualified for his seventh Olympics.

Tore Øvrebø, head of Norwegian NOC:
Personal results of Bjoerndalen at the World Cup are not good enough. Unfortunately, he could not meet the selection criteria for the national team of Norway.

This season, the 43-year-old biathlete has never won prizes at the World Cups and has never got into the top 6.

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