Syrian children come to Belarus to improve health

Syrian children come to Belarus to improve health

Children from Syria have come to Belarus for recovery. 145 children (this is twice as many as in 2017) will rest in the Zubryonok center.

The children's camp has already received young guests. The personnel will do everything possible to make the children not only improve their health, but also find new friends, receive unforgettable emotions and enjoy real childhood - attention and care.

Dmitry Boyarovich, CTV:
A group of Syrian children flew to Belarus on a direct flight from Beirut. The plane with 145 children on board landed at the National Airport Minsk on January 15 late in the evening.

It's frosty in Belarus now but the warmth of the meeting mitigated the frosts. This is how Belarus met the young guests. These guys are lucky. Under a special program, they - 170 people along with the accompanying adults - will rest in the Zubryonok center.

Hazem Afif:
The flight was very fast. On board we ate rice and chicken. So tasty!

Ali Hafes Almouda:
I read on the Internet that Belarus is a very beautiful country. I really want to find many friends here.

Zakhar Embbek:
I was told that it's cold here. I took a lot of warm things. I want to see snow as soon as possible. I only saw it twice.

Among the young guests are also gifted children: athletes, laureates of contests and winners of school Olympiads. Most of them perfectly speak English. In Belarus they will be able to have a rest from the ongoing war.