Italian tourist films video about Minsk sights


Italian tourist films video about Minsk sights

The visa-free regime for tourists planning to visit Belarus is gaining popularity, has been proved by an Italian who visited Minsk not so long ago.

Franco filmed a video about the sights of Belarus’ capital Minsk. Despite the fact that the video was posted on the tourists’ YouTube channel seven months ago, it has been noticed just recently. The video turned out to be rather exciting for foreigners and Belarusian to watch.

It begins from Franco arriving at the railway station, then the author managed to capture the entrance of Minsk railway station and a girl touching her ginger hair. After that, different places of interest in Minsk are shown one by one.

What is more, Franco managed to film evening Minsk, which is especially beautiful.

The video about Minsk has been viewed by more than four thousand people already and 11 thousand people put a like. Minsk is not the only place that Franco filmed a video about. His YouTube channel has some very interesting videos about the sights of Lisbon, Malaga and Rome.