Belarus 2018 Eurovision selection facing another scandal?

Belarus 2018 Eurovision selection facing another scandal?


Participants of the 2018 Eurovision national selection in Belarus have written a collective letter to Belteleradiocompany (BTRC). They threaten to withdraw their applications from the contest if they are not satisfied with the answer.

The singers believe that the participation of ALEKSEEV in 2018 Eurovision is pre-determined, and they are simply extras in the national selection.

At the same time, they spend from $2,000 to $10,000 for recording and arranging songs, costumes and the number.

Here are some points from the collective letter:

- We will not sign the contract for participation in the final part of the national selection until the BTRC takes an honest and fair decision - the disqualification of the artist Nikita Alekseev.

- We question the qualifications and business reputation of the artist Nikita Alekseev and his management.

- We do not consider it possible to participate in the farce, which the final of the national selection will become if Alekseev appears in it. Our participation will undoubtedly cause us reputational harm, insult our honor and human dignity.

- The Forever composition presented in the application is a slightly rearranged and shortened version of the song "Forever", translated into English, which is confirmed by independent experts. The first public performance of this composition took place in May 2017 as part of a commercial tour, which directly violates the provisions of the current Regulations on National Selection. The song was performed many times in the framework of the above-mentioned tour, which gave the singer Alekseev an undeniable advantage not only in the framework of the national selection, but also in the context of the main Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

- The presented composition has a duration of 3 minutes 06 seconds, which directly violates the restrictions on the duration of the sound. Often, a few extra seconds do not allow using a particular composition, because the song cannot be shortened without losing the structure of the arrangement.

- Singer Alekseev signed guarantees that the song "Forever" fully meets the criteria of the national selection, which is a direct delusion of the organizing committee.

It should be noted that the statement was not signed by everyone. Adagio, Radio Wave, Alexandra Tkach (since she is underage) and Shuma refused to sign it.

A statement signed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has appeared on the web, which says that ALEKSEEV violated the selection rules: his song was commercially used at the concert before September 1, 2017.

In case of his victory in the national selection they prescribe to change the song for participation in Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. Moreover, there have already been four such situations in the Belarusian national selection.

Belteleradiocompany has not yet commented on the collective statement.

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