The most popular subway stations in Minsk in 2017


The most popular subway stations in Minsk in 2017

60,000 passengers used the Minsk metro on New Year's Eve. The subway administration has revealed how many people were transported in 2017 year and which stations were the most popular.

On the last day of 2017, the Minsk metro transported almost 314,000 passengers, according to a spokesman for the Minsk metro Andrei Kuzmin.

On the first day of 2018, the Minsk subway transported 209,000 passengers, a significant drop after New Year holidays.

In 2017, 284.2 million passengers used the services of the Minsk metro. Of these, 57.7% (164 million) used the Moskovskaya line, and 42.3% (120.2 million) Avtozavodskaya line.

What is the average number of passengers transported by Minsk subway? In 2017 the figure was 778,500 passengers per day, of which 449,200 were on the Moskovskaya line, and 329,300 on Avtozavodskaya line.

The largest number of passengers was in October - 28.3 million, the least in July - 19.7 million.

For comparison: in 2016 the Minsk metro transported more passengers - 291 million, daily, and about 800,000 every day.

The most popular stations of the Moskovskaya line were plošča Lienina (56,600 passengers per day), plošča Yakuba Kolasa (47,600) and Uručča (46,800).

The lowest number of passengers was recorded at Grušaŭka and Michalova - 13,900 and 14,500 per day.

As for Avtozavodskaya line, as well as in general by metro, the most demanded station is Kamiennaja Horka in the north-west of Minsk, with 59,200 passengers a day.

Second is Mahilioŭskaja, with an average of 40,000 passengers. Niamiha in the Minsk downtown is third.

The least popular were Kupalaŭskaja (5,600) and Pieršamajskaja (8,500 passengers per day).

In 2016, Plošča Lienina was the leader in terms of passenger traffic. This is where the central railway and bus stations, the Stolitsa mall, the Belarusian State University and Independence Square are located. This one of the tourism spots in Minsk.

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