What tourists say about Logoisk ski resort in Belarus


What tourists say about Logoisk ski resort in Belarus

Silichi skiing complex near Minsk, Belarus, is crowded these days. This is despite the fact that winter in 2017-2018 is without big snow and even 2-5 degrees below zero is a serious frost.

Both adults and children can be seen here. Those who are not skilled enough are on the training track.

Daria, tourist (Russia):
In the beginning it's a bit complicated. And when you have learn, it's easy. You can go very quickly, with a breeze. So much fun here!

Arkady, skier:
The mood is very good. You come, ski, breathe this frosty, fresh air. You return home well. The mood goes wild and you want to return here.

It is expected that in 2018 there will be at least 80,000 tourists here during the season. 9 slopes are open for visitors. Each has special safety equipment for skiers. Professional instructors work with beginners.

Alexander Titov, senior inspector of the rescue service of the ski center:
We strongly recommend wearing a ski helmet. Because skiing is an active sport, and a person's head should be protected. In the snowpark and on jumping ramps, you are prohibited from skiing without ski helmets. It's not that expensive. Treatment will cost more, it is necessary to buy a helmet.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV:
This is the longest ski slope. Local slopes are literally breathtaking. For not a snowy winter there is quite a lot of snow and, by the way, it's very, very cold. It's all thanks to special snow guns, which drop snow on the track round the clock. The thickness of snow cover should be at least 50 centimeters.

The Protsenko family from Russia is just one of those who are on track number three. They learned about Silichi from their relatives.

They were waiting to come here for more than a year. They just waited until all the daughters grow up.

Pavel, skier (Russia):
We are very pleased, happy. Here are all our kids, they are also happy. Another girl is running over there.

Irina, vacationer (Russia):
We have been skiing for several years. This is our first visit to Logoysk. The training track has only just opened. We really liked it. Our three kids skied. We are so happy!