Longest skiing track opens at Silichi sports complex


Longest skiing track opens at Silichi sports complex

The longest skiing track ha being opened in Silichi skiing complex and that is despite that there is currently no snow in Belarus.

Nevertheless, there is enough of snow at the skiing tracks. Special snow machines work 24/7 and and supply the tracks with enough of snow so that people can enjoy their active day at the complex.

Therefore, visitors come to Silichi from the very morning. What is more, there is a possibility to ski at special training tracks. Instructors help to learn the basics of this kind of sport. Special attention is paid to the safety of the skiers. Fairly soon the first and the children’s track will be opened at the complex.

Daria Mavropulo-Stolyarenko, visitor (Russia):
At first it is quite difficult. However, as soon as you learn how to ski, then it is easy. You can then ski fairly fast, It is great fun.

Arkadyi Tarasevich, skier:
The mood is fantastic. You ski, breath in the frosty air. And you return bac home healthy. The mood is super and you want to repeat it all once again.

Silichi is known as Belarusian Switzerland. Many tourists from abroad (the Netherlands, China, Iran and Russia) come here every year. Over 7000 people have visited the complex this month alone.