Alexander Lukashenko awards distinguished Belarusians at Old New Year reception

Alexander Lukashenko awards distinguished Belarusians at Old New Year reception

In today’s fast-changing world it is very important for Belarus not to lose its identity. This was said by Alexander Lukashenko on January 12 during a reception in honor of the upcoming Old New Year.

Representatives of all possible sectors gathered in the hall-journalists, culture and art activists, athletes. Work for these people is everything. A lot was said about the tasks for the next year. The time is no easy today, and unfortunately, there is no possibility to avoid negative processes. Nevertheless, President Lukashenko emphasized that people should know how to stand against them.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Dear friends, we live in a very uneasy time. You see how Belarus is developing and how the whole world is developing as well. You see the position you hold in this fast-changing world. And the worst thing is that we have no possibility to avoid all these negative processes.

We must know how to stand against these processes.

We must learn how to live in this world where it is necessary to adjust to it. But under no circumstances we should lose our identity, our roots from which the Belarusian nation grows. As for the current year, and the future, I want to be honest with you, without any populism. It won’t be easy. And, probably, it won’t be easier than in 2017 and the previous years. But we have set ambitious tasks. And no matter what it costs us, we must overcome these barriers and reach these aims. There are some achievements. But you know how our achievements are perceived inside the country and abroad. As they say, “It is sad, when you have no friends. And it is sadder, when you have no enemies”. I suppose that we have both. It means that we have some prospects.

But let’s return back to our hall. I see successful, beautiful and spiritual people here. I am very happy. I now that you and I are public people. Publicity and popularity, probably, somehow satisfy a person, make him feel happy and improve the mood. But most importantly, both popularity and suppose strict responsibility. All of us, and especially you, are the face of our nation and we must be an example to follow. To become a real carriers of culture, etiquette and style.

After the speech, Alexander Lukashenko traditionally presented honor-awards to the distinguished people in the hall. Such a reception has become a good tradition during the Old New Year. This is the best time to reward the best of Belarusians from different spheres and to praise their achievements.

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