Belarus' Flo into top 5 popular health apps

Belarus' Flo into top 5 popular health apps

The American edition CNBC published the top five most popular health apps for 2017 on the basis of the analytical service App Annie. Two projects related to the IT industry of Belarus got into the list.

In fourth place of the list is "women's" application Flo, the development managed by the Belarusian IT businessman Dmitry Gursky. As noted by the creators, Flo is "the first female monthly and ovulation calendar that uses neural networks." It is said that artificial intelligence takes into account the personal characteristics of users and creates forecasts 50 percent more accurately than traditional models.

Flo occupies a leading position in the segment of "female calendars" in the AppStore and Google Play. By the way, when compiling the list, the data of both platforms was taken into account.

This is not the first success of the application: for example, in December, Flo received the status of Global Winner in the American startup competition Red Herring 100. The development attracted not less than $6 million investments. Co-investor of one of the rounds was the model and philanthropist Natalia Vodyanova, who joined the company's board of directors.

The first position in the rating of free applications is occupied by Fitbit, which has one of R&D offices in Minsk. Despite the drop in the value of the company in recent months and a general decline in sales, users are still actively using its developments. In August, the company introduced smart watch Ionic with its own operating system based on the developments of Pebble, which was bought at the end of 2016.