Who may represent Belarus at 2018 Eurovision? Video of all songs

Who may represent Belarus at 2018 Eurovision? Video of all songs

The Belarus Eurovision National Selection Jury have named 11 finalists of the selection.

After the audition, in which several dozens of applicants participated, the jury selected participants one of whom will represent Belarus at the popular contest. The name of Belarus' representative at 2018 Eurovision will be named on February 16. It will be chosen by the audience and the jury.

Here are the singers who made into the National Selection final.


The 24-year-old singer from Ukraine became the most famous participant at the current selection.

Alekseev, singer:
This is an exciting moment. For the first time I sang the song "Forever". I hope you like the story it tells you!

Photo: instagram.com/alekseev_officiel

The singer also met with his Belarusian fans in Minsk. The singer shared his impressions: "Thanks for the fan meeting and support, I really need it now".

In the middle of January, Alekseev will present a music video for the contest song.


The singer is one of the record holders of the Belarusian national selection. The current attempt will be 7th for Gunesh.

Photo: vk.com/club22307099

A few years ago, Gunesh married a Turkish football player.


Photo by: vk.com/napoli.music

Several years ago, soloist Napoli Olga Shimanskaya said that "all artists want to choose the Eurovision Song Contest, because this competition attracts a large audience, attracts the media and television. That's why any artist tries to take advantage of this opportunity."

Anastasia Malashkevich

Photo: instagram.com/anastacia_malashkevich

She will present the song "World on Fire".


Photo: instagram.com/shumaby

They presented the song Khmarki (Clouds). The performers thanked all those who cheered for them and supported their band.

Kirill Good

Photo: instagram.com/kirill_good_music

He performed the song Deja Vu.

Alen Hit

Photo: instagram.com/alenhit

Alen Hit, singer:
This has finally happened! I'm a finalist! I can breathe out and gain strength before the finale! I know that I have very strong support, and you, like me, have been waiting for this 5 years. When to send SMS for me? Very soon! It was a very long way in which you were near me, you saw everything yourself - my honesty, diligence and progress!

Lexy (Alexandra Tkach)

Photo: instagram.com/lexy_weaver

Lexy (Alexandra Tkach), singer:
This is the best moment of 2018 for me now. Hello again.

Sophia Lapina

Photo by: vk.com/lapina.official

Sophia Lapina, singer:
My favorites! Thank you all very much, to those who watched the broadcast, who watched  me live and to all my team.I love you so much. Thank you! (says in Belarusian) Dziakui (Thank you!)I'll see you in the final.

Radio wave

Photo by: vk.com/radiovolnaband

They performed the song Subway Lines.


The band presented the song "You and I".

The final of the international song contest will be held in Lisbon on May 12, 2018. 27-year-old Salvador Sobral with a touching song won the show in Kiev.