Domracheva hopes Bjørndalen will partake in 2018 Olympics


Domracheva hopes Bjørndalen will partake in 2018 Olympics

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is not going to the Winter Olympics in Korean Pyeongchang.

The famous biathlonist could not fulfill the qualification standard in the Norwegian team for getting into the Games. The 43-year-old athlete this season has never managed to win a prize at the World Cup stages or twice to get into the top six, which would guarantee him a ticket to the Olympics. 

The most decorated biathlete of the world, who won 13 Olympic medals, including 8 golds, now can go to his seventh Games only in case of injury to one of his teammates. 

Daria Domracheva, the biathlete's wife from Belarus, said that she would hope for Bjoerndalen's participation in Winter Olympics "until the last moment". The famous Belarusian said this to the TASS news agency.

Darya Domracheva
First, while the official decision is not announced, we are waiting for someone from the team to clarify the situation. I will hope until the last moment that he would be able to go to the Olympic Games as an athlete and perform well there. I worry very much about this.