President: Situation at Belarus-Russia border abnormal


President: Situation at Belarus-Russia border abnormal

On January 11, Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on the liberalization of the visa regime and the guarantee of migration security of Belarus.

In 2017 the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" and the Augustow Canal alone were visited by almost 60,000 visa-free tourists. True, such openness is not always welcomed by the nearest neighbors. Although Belarus has never caused trouble to its allies.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Since February 16, the Belarusian-Russian border has acquired an unofficial status: as it is often called on the Internet and everywhere - "the strangest border in Europe." Since that time, the Russian side without official notification began to exercise full passport control in respect of all persons using road transport, and then those using air and rail transport. In fact, the possibility of foreigners traveling to Russia through Belarus is blocked.

This is abnormal when the border between the two fraternal states and peoples, which we so painstakingly removed more than 20 years ago, is being restored. I do not know who needs this. This is done allegedly on the basis of security considerations. But what kind of security can be discussed if we have joint lists of foreigners who are prohibited from entering the territory of the Union State? Therefore, all sorts of excuses and references to what is supposedly being done and not being done in Belarus are not justified. Moreover, we have very constructive and systematic cooperation between the law enforcement agencies. We conduct hundreds of operations involving various law enforcement agencies, including this one, even more serious. We work here effectively.

We need to conduct dialogue with Russians on this matter. We cannot close from each other, it will be a bad example.