USA considers Belarus safe for its tourists


USA considers Belarus safe for its tourists

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The US Department of State divided the countries into four categories by the level of safety for American tourists. Belarus got into the first category, which means "Exercise normal precautions."

"There is always a risk in traveling. Living conditions in other countries may differ from the American ones and may change at any time," the agency's website describes this category.

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The second level implies increased level of attention. The State Department is ready to provide tourists traveling to these countries with additional information.

The third level sounds like "think twice." Tourists are invited to refuse to travel to countries of this level for security reasons.

The fourth category includes the most dangerous countries for travel, and Americans are advised not to visit them. The State Department at the same time clarifies that in case of danger, the government has few opportunities to assist the tourist.

Russia got into the third category because of "threats of terrorism and harassment."

Ukraine got into the second category because of the possibility of protests and an increased level of crime. Other neighbors of Belarus were in the first, conditionally safe, category.

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Among the risks that were taken into account when compiling the rating were crime rate, terrorism, civil protests, as well as risks related to health hazards, natural disasters and events such as elections or international competitions.

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