VC Minchanka reaches 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup last 16


VC Minchanka reaches 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup last 16

Volleyball players of Minchanka have made it into the last 16 of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup.

In the return game vs Serbian VC Jedinstvo Victor Goncharov's Minchanka did not experience any problems, 3:0. In the first leg, the Belarusians also won 3:1.

At the very first seconds of the big volleyball match, Minskchka heard from the stands - "You're the best!". In the national championship, the team has absolutely no problems for years. The main task is to be competitive in European cups.

Волейболистки «Минчанки» вышли в 1/8 финала ЕКВ, обыграв сербское «Единство» – 3:0

Given the result of the first meeting, the Balkans team had to do a miracle winning 3:0 or 3:1 and hope for luck in the gold set.

Viktor Goncharov head coach of VC Minchanka:
This is a very proud nation, and they never give way. They fight for every ball, for every action, for every move. And they are going well!

The Belarusians quietly won the first two sets - 25:18, 25:12. At that moment, it became clear who was going further in the tournament. The third set was, to a surprise, very interesting. The Serbians grabbed literally every ball. However, Minchanka in the end won this set, too, making it 3:1, 3:0 and entering the last 16 of the European Cup.

Ekaterina Sokolchik, VC Minchanka:
Each match is heavy. It's harder at home, probably because this is very big responsibility, you play in front of large audience. In principle, we coped with the challenge.

Elena Fedorinchik, VC Minchanka:
There was a very big break between our meetings. We also prepared, we trained hard. We watched Jedinstvo's other matches and prepared for their every move.

According to the head coach of Minchanka, it would be nice to get into the semifinals at the tournament.

In the next round, the Belarusians will compete vs the French club Beziers VB.