BelAZ considers selling trucks for bitcoins

BelAZ considers selling trucks for bitcoins

The Belarusian machine-building company BelAZ is currently considering the possibility of selling their machinery for cryptocurrency, which is gaining popularity every day.

According to the company officials, it is not a marketing campaign. The Belarusian truck making plant is simply moving together with the time. The Deputy director general of the plant Stanislav Yakubovich has commented on the news.

Stanislav Yakubovich, deputy director general of BelAz plant:
We are moving on together with the time. After Decree No. 7 was introduced (decree on cryptocurrency introduction), the company’s analysts have been considering the possible markets. Therefore, BelAZ has decided to consider bitcoins as a means of payment and at the same time to understand how serious it may be.

The BelAZ deputy director general also added that if there will be proposals to buy BelAZ trucks for bitcoins, the company is ready to consider them.

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