Man in Belarus captures ISS against background of Moon

Man in Belarus captures ISS against background of Moon

Photo: ESA

Minsk resident Vitaly Khatsuk managed to capture the passage of the ISS along the Moon.

The video shows how the station crosses the Moon. Its movement could be observed on January 9 at about 07:50 in the morning (Minsk time). The research complex moved with great speed from west to east, like a bright star. Exactly two minutes later the ISS passed "through" the Moon and disappeared behind the horizon.

This is the first such footage for the amateur astronomer. The video has already been viewed by thousands of users.

Vitaly Khatsuk, amateur astronomer:
There are special sites that predict the flight of the international space station for this territory. About a month and a half ago I looked and learned I would be able to see it. I was lucky with the weather and managed to shoot it.

The station itself is flying very fast.

It appears in the west and flies like a fast plane. Throughout the sky, it flies literally in seven minutes, and it takes literally a couple of seconds to capture it on the background of the moon disk.

Next time the ISS will cross the Moon's disk on January 27, 40 minutes before midnight.

It will also be seen on background of the Sun disk on February 8 at 16:03. Do not miss!