Yo-Mobile promoter now resident of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park

Yo-Mobile promoter now resident of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park

The company "Composite structures" (Kompozitnyye Konstruktsii) has been registered as a resident of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone", the management company of the park said. According to Belarusian portal TUT.BY, one of the participants of the project is Andrei Biryukov, known for promoting Russian Yo-mobile.

"Composite structures" are established by four parties: Dieffenbacher (15%), SZAO Industrial Park Development Company (15%), Belarusian Innovation Fund (15%) and EnergyEfficiencyInvest-Eurasia LLC (55%).

The joint company is going to realize an investment project to create a research and production enterprise for engineering and production of composite materials, including automotive components, until 2022.

The total investment amount is 220 million euros.

"Part of the project will be financed at the expense of the authorized capital of the company. The rest borrowed resources on the terms of project financing. Both German and Chinese resources are being considered, but this will definitely be project financing," TUT.BY was told by Industrial Park Development Company.

One of the key participants of the project is Andrei Biryukov. He has long been familiar with the leadership of Dieffenbacher. The German company participated in the development of the general concept of "Yo-Mobile", which was created by Onexim of the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and Yarovit of Andrei Biryukov. 

However, the mass production of the hybrid cars never happened. In the spring of 2014, Prokhorov for 1 euro transferred all the technologies to the Russian research automobile institute NAMI.

"Mr. Biryukov is one of the partners of German shareholders, the interaction was carried out directly with the company Dieffenbacher, the Industrial Park Development Company said.

Source: TUT.by