"Creating a positive atmosphere is a big step to success." Report from the Belarus’ Pediatric Surgery Hospital

"Creating a positive atmosphere is a big step to success." Report from the Belarus’ Pediatric Surgery Hospital

There is a symbolic logo on the facade of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery. In this specialized institution, small patients get into the caring hands of doctors who help any child to have a bright future without diseases.

Alexandr Makhlin, Deputy Director of Medical Services:
Everyone believes that surgery and children are very hard and aggressive things. We would like to create a calm atmosphere for children in our center. And in this case, creative workers help us. The graduate of the College of Art Xenia Mikhailovskaya has greatly assisted in the creation of our corporate identity. She developed a special logo that you saw at the entrance to our center.

A professional photographer Julia Voynich decided to create a cozy atmosphere in the institution on New Year’s Eve. She presented 12 of her best works to the center. Now small patients together with their parents can admire the colorful children's portraits before a visit to specialists.

Julia Voynich, photographer:
I and my relatives had to apply to the RSPC for Pediatric Surgery. I know exactly that the best specialists work here. In these halls, there are often a lot of patients who are waiting for a doctor’s appointment. And I would not want these waiting moments to be overshadowed by the bare hospital walls. Instead, let them be bright and positive. 

Every year, about thirty thousand young Belarusians apply to the RSPC for Pediatric Surgery. All of them are provided with qualified assistance.

Some patients with surgical pathology require complicated medical operations. As doctors admit, the process of recovery largely depends on the positive attitude.

Alexandr Makhlin:
Positive and kind atmosphere influences the mood of parents, and this immediately influences the mood of children. And, of course, such children overcome illness faster and recover from surgical interventions easier. Creating such a positive atmosphere is a big step to success of our main work.

To make children smile, especially on the eve of the most kind and bright holiday, the center staff did a great job: they decorated corridors, wards, and Christmas trees.

Alexandr Makhlin:
We have performances for children, at which clowns and workers of some art collectives come to congratulate children and spend New Year holidays. If a child is in hospital, this doesn’t mean that they will not see a Christmas tree.