Hleb: Moving to Barcelona ​​I didn't understand what I was doing


Hleb: Moving to Barcelona ​​I didn't understand what I was doing

Belarusian midfielder Alexander Hleb recalled the stage of his career when he had to make a difficult decision to leave Arsenal and go to Barcelona.

"It's still difficult for me to explain why I left Arsenal at the time. I was absolutely happy there. Arsene completely trusted me. And then I decided to leave.

I was on vacation, and agents and managers convinced me that I needed to go to Barcelona. Honestly, I really did not understand what I was doing. At some point I realized: "Oh my God! I'm leaving Arsenal!

When Arsene said it was a matter of a few hours, I felt exhausted. It was very difficult for me to accept this. Wenger did everything so I could to stay at Arsenal.

He even wrote me a text message when I was fishing. "Alex, I will not let you go, we need you here." I cried when I read these messages.

We recently met with Arsene in Minsk, when Arsenal came to the match vs BATE. It was very easy to work with him, we always felt his support.

During my first season in England, I was injured playing for the national team. When I recovered from the damage, I told Arsene that it might be well to send me on loan, for example, to Germany or something like that.

He thought and told me: "Alex, Stop it! I believe in you! Do not even think about such things." Honestly? I just flew out of the room then. I really thought that I had wings.

Arsene really feels his players. He says exactly what you as a player need to hear. I think that there are very few guys who could say they did not like working with Wenger. Everyone felt that they would have a chance. I think most of the players who left eventually regretted it," Hleb said.