Belarus develops concept of launching Helsinki 2 process


Belarus develops concept of launching Helsinki 2 process

Belarus has developed the concept of an initiative to launch a negotiation process similar to Helsinki, and is working on its implementation, said Belarus' Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei.

"We have developed the concept of this proposal, the initiative of our President.

We held consultations with representatives of a number of countries, and I must say that our explanations and proposals find a positive response among many of our colleagues and partners," Vladimir Makei said.

"We are working on the realization of this idea. I am sure that it will get positive acclaim. In this regard, we will work closely with the leading geopolitical players, and with relevant regional and international organizations."

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At the same time, he stated that for now the idea of ​​Belarus to launch a new negotiation process, similar to Helsinki, meets a cautious attitude for various reasons. "Someone thinks that we want to legitimize the current status quo in our region and in the world as a whole. Some, on the contrary, think that we want to promote some things and provisions that will be beneficial to one side, conditionally speaking, the West or the East," the diplomat explained.

According to him, some countries are now adopting new national security strategies, which contain frankly confrontational positions, military doctrines, where the first place is not at all ensuring peace and stability. "It is important now to start a dialogue about how we can avoid the confrontational rhetoric that is present in our region and the world," the minister stressed.

Vladimir Makei noted that such developments in the world could have a negative impact on Belarus.

"As an average state in the center of Europe, we cannot survive in the era of confrontations and some political or, God forbid, military turbulences and strife," he pointed out. "We know what the Second World War was, in which we lost one third of our people.

History has taught us that we should avoid such conflicts. This is precisely what explains the proposal of our head of state about the need to start a process similar to Helsinki. Let's call it the new Helsinki process or Helsinki-2.

"We would like to avoid this confrontational rhetoric. We wanted us to talk more about what unites us, not divides us, so that we are not on the dividing line between the two blocs, rival factions or geopolitical players. But today the real situation looks like this, and we feel it ourselves, moreover, it's not only some political or military consequences, it's negative economic consequences for our country," the minister concluded.

Belarus is not going to make political or military claims to other states, said Mr. Makei.

"We cannot and we are not going to organize color revolutions, we cannot and do not want to make any claims - be it territorial, military or political - to other states. We absolutely do not need this," Vladimir Makei stressed.

According to him, pursuing its foreign policy, Belarus wants to establish mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation with its partners. "We are looking for something that will benefit our people," the minister said.