New manager for FC BATE Borisov from FC Chernomorets


New manager for FC BATE Borisov from FC Chernomorets


The new head coach of BATE Oleg Dulub answered several questions of the club's press service.

What are the emotions as the head coach of BATE?

Fantastic! It's hard to say. Probably, these emotions need to be understood. I understand that this appointment is first of all a huge responsibility.

Did you think long over the proposal from Borisov?

No. Principal consent was given immediately. Then began technical aspects. The lion's share of the entire time of negotiations with BATE was about the composition of the coaching staff. On this issue, we came to an agreement only today.

What attracted you in the proposal from BATE?

First of all a constant participation in European competitions. When you can compare your level with the level of foreign coaches, this is special drive.

You will for the first time be the head coach of a team that sets maximum goals in its championship...

For me, this is another challenge. It's comparable with the move from Belarus to Ukraine, when I initially knew that it would be very difficult. Especially at first. This is a kind of check: whether you doing everything right. For your part you put your business reputation on the line.

Moving from Chernomorets to BATE is a step forward in your career, isn't it?

Yes. And a very big one.

During work in Ukraine, did you follow BATE?

I followed the entire championship, without focusing on BATE. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, our Internet broadcasts are blocked. Therefore I tried to catch key matches of tours on "Belarus 5". But my work did not always allow this. But I read Belarusian electronic press. I watched BATE's matches in European Cups.

How did you part with Chernomorets?

Negotiations were difficult and lengthy, but eventually we found a compromise solution. True, I had to redeem my contract. But these are details. In general, we decided it all in a civilized manner.