No flirt with Marseille. Just marry! Report from the capital of Provence

No flirt with Marseille. Just marry! Report from the capital of Provence

Many international events involving Belarus took place in 2017. Belarus expands the geography of its cooperation through the optimization of foreign policy activities.Yana Shipko, CTV:
Locals say: "Don’t flirt with Marseille, just marry it." Acquaintance with the capital of Provence starts with Notre-Dame de la Garde, the highest point of the city. It can be seen from almost anywhere in Marseille.The city owed its existence and prosperity to the port. Marseille grew from the Old Port and became France’s second largest city, and even surpassed Paris in size.Gilbert Di Lelio, resident of Marseille:
The port, however, has its own unique imprint on Marseille's life. Movies about police, bandits and mafia are filmed here. And it's not accidental. Drug and arms trafficking pass through the port. This sort of thing is happening in other big cities of France, but it is Marseille that has the most criminal reputation .Whereas previously the port provided income through trade, now because of its proximity to the sea, Marseille literally makes digital routes. Transatlantic cable will be stretched under water from China to the local shores. Marseille has become the largest digital hub.

By the way, they have heard about the success of the Belarusian IT industry.Didier Parakian, Assistant to the Mayor of Marseille, Commissioner for Economic Affairs:
My idea is to conclude an agreement between the Belarusian High Technology Park and a similar scientific park in Marseille. I think we could implement interesting joint projects in the IT sphere. In Marseille, as in Minsk, innovations are being actively introduced into everyday life. Smartseille is a smart living place in Marseille. It goes without saying that the buildings are energy efficient.Herve Jatino, representative of a development company:
Here in this harbor at a depth of 8 meters we take cold water, we call it free cooling, it's good for the planet and for tenant’s wallets. If you live in a 3-room apartment, you spend about 550 euros per year for hot water and heating. It is twice cheaper than the average in France.Football in Marseille is truly a religion. The last reconstruction of the stadium that hosted the Euro 2016 cost 267 million euros. The house arena of the club Olympique Marseille is never empty; it unites people of all ages and nationalities of this colorful city.Didier Parakian:
In 2017, we held more than 500 sporting events. Belarus is also a sporting country. At the 2024 Olympic Games, this port will host sailing competitions and I hope we will see Belarusian athletes and fans!

Large sporting events have economic dividends. There is an infrastructure development, more investors appear, and more tourists come. People in the Marseille city hall believe: the European Games in Minsk will show the same effect.Maxim Tissot, Director-General of the Marseille Tourism Office:
We can promote Belarus in Marseille and vice versa. We must explain to the residents of Marseille and the people of Provence that Belarus is an interesting country to visit.The inhabitants of Provence also tried Belarusian products.Resident of Marseille:
We tried Belarusian chocolate, vodka and bliny. We even wanted to visit Belarus. There are many lakes and rivers in this beautiful country. I would like to go fishing.

Alyona comes from Belarus. She is a sommelier. However, on the eve of the culinary exhibition she had to peel 10 kilograms of potatoes and to revise the grandmother's recipes.  Alyona, sommelier:
It's unbelievable! People like my draniki. Philip, guest of the exhibition:
We learn about the country through its cuisine. And after I tried your wonderful draniki, I realized that I want to learn more about Belarus!In February 2018, this performance will be seen by the citizens of Minsk. The National Ballet of Marseille is an incredible international mix, where a Belarusian dancer also performs.Anton Zvir, dancer of the National Ballet of Marseille:
It's very pleasant to return to my native stage after 17 years of working abroad. We are all absolutely different, from different countries, but we dance as one organism.Emio Greco, art director of the National Ballet of Marseille:
It is a great honor for us to present our art in Minsk. It will be a holiday of dance. Anton Zvir:
I did not choose Marseille, Marseille chose me. When I first came to Marseille, I was horrified, because this city is very unique. Anton’s hobby turned into a business over time. Now Tattoo Art Club is in the top. In Marseille, tattoos are very popular, so there are many regular customers. They often choose Belarusian motives.Yana Shipko:
Well, we decided to take risks and feel on our own skin which Belarusian national motives inspire French tattoo lovers.

Anton Zvir:
I use red color very often, I also like Belarusian ornament.Yana Shipko:
I will take this souvenir from Provence. Instead of local lavender - our Belarusian cornflower!