Belarus’ 2017 achievements

Belarus’ 2017 achievements

Belarus made it possible for the citizens of 80 countries to enter without a visa. The first one to do so was a Chinese traveler.

IT revolution or the decree "On the Development of the Digital Economy"

Belarus proposed a lot of revolutionary ideas regarding the IT sphere at the end of 2017. Belarus Hi-Tech Park Decree 2.0 legalized cryptocurrencies and granted tax exemptions for the release of the software as well as mining. Technically Belarus becomes the first country in the world to give green light to the companies which use blockchain technology.

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Business liberalization

2017 also became the year of great changes in the business initiative development. Audits and bureaucracy procedures were minimized. The attitude towards violations became less strict.

Big talk with the President

Big talk with the President was the starting point of business liberalization process. All the spheres of Belarussian life were discussed during this conversation which lasted for seven hours.

Belarus on the global stage

Minsk made a breakthrough both with the East and the West: dozens of important EU delegations, hundreds of participants of the most influential European parliamentary forum.

Throughout 2017 Minsk was pretty much the capital of Eurasian security. This year Belarus was the CSTO chairman.

‘West 2017’

The comradeship-in-arms of Belarus and Russia was shown in practice during the strategic exercise ‘West 2017’.

Foreign policy

Currently the main tool of foreign policy is economy and profitable trade. In 2017, the President of Belarus visited dozens of countries. Russia remains the main trade partner. During the negotiations, the compromise on oil and gas was reached.

Belarus is extending the cooperation with China. The May summit ‘One Belt and One Road Initiative’ aided the promotion of the dialogue.

The official visits to Egypt and Sudan resulted in the contracts valued at sums commensurate with annual goods turnover. But the most important outcome was the establishment of new relations with Africa.

In 2017, the relationship between Belarus and India evolved. Both countries are negotiating to increase the number of mutual investment projects.

Building projects of 2017

In 2017, Belarus spent billions of dollars on building projects. The construction of Garlyk Mining Plant was finished. In Turkmenistan, this plant is referred to as the miracle of the desert. This enterprise became the major foreign project in Belarussian history.

In 2017, the reactor vessel was installed on the second unit of Belarussian NPP; energy generation will start in 2019.

Let’s go!

2017 is the year when a new national brand emerged. The first stock car which BelGee produced was Geely ATLAS.

The President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, commented:
My dream to produce our own car came true.

Also, the first Belarussian electromobile was presented; it is an experimental model which can travel 150 km without charging.

People of 2017

State awards for the contribution in the country’s development were given to outstanding people in medical, scientific and cultural spheres.

The year of science

The results of 2017 were summed up at the 2nd Congress of Scientists. The forum delegates outlined the path towards science and technology development up until 2040.

For the first time Belarussian doctors performed a surgery relieving children from arrhythmia and polar explorers carried out an operation in The Antarctic; it was their tenth expedition to the South Pole.

Russian cosmonaut of Belarusian origin Oleg Novitsky returned from the International Space Station.

Belarus at EXPO 2017 Astana

Belarus was in the top 20 of the most active participants of this global exhibition.

Harvest 2017

Nowadays innovative technology is also actively implemented in agriculture. Harvest 2017 increased in comparison with 2016, all due to the professionalism of agrarians and their teamwork.

Anniversaries of the year

In 2017 people celebrated centenary anniversary of October revolution, state security apparatus and Belarussian police force. A parade – in which more than 1,000 policemen took part – was organized in the center of Minsk to commemorate the occasion.

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Act of bravery 2017

Alexander Vasilyev, a police colonel from Mogilev, prevented the bank robbery without any victims. On the orders of the President, he will be awarded a state award.

Return of Domracheva and triumph of Skardino

After a nearly two-years’ break three-time Olympic champion, Darya Domracheva, gets back on track.

For the first time the biathlete Nadezhda Skardino won a World Cup stage.

Tennis in Minsk

For the first time Fed Cup was held in Minsk in which the Belarussian women’s team participated. Aryna Sabalenka and Aliakandra Sasnovich showed very good results.

Alexandra Chichikova demonstrated that there are no limits for anybody having won the title ‘Miss Wheelchair World’.

Alexandra Chichikova says:
I’m tearing up because that’s the kind of feeling that you cannot put in words.

It’s time to win!

Belarus signed a contract with European Olympic Committees on organizing the 2nd EuroGames in Belarus, the symbol of which is the fern flower.

Ice Hockey World Championship is back in Minsk!

Belarus and Latvia were qualified for joint conduct of Ice Hockey World Championship in 2021.

The very first HD Channel in Belarus

October 2, CTV officially became the first national television company to broadcast in HD.

500 years of Belarussian book printing

The movie about Francysk Skaryna, an outstanding figure of Polotsk, was broadcast in HD on CTV in commemoration of 500 years of Belarussian book printing.

20 book projects were presented for this anniversary; among them facsimile collection of Francysk Skaryna’s books and personal encyclopedia.

Golden collection

The festival ‘Golden collection of Belarussian songs’ was held across Belarus. The last concert took place in Palace of the Republic.

Now foreigners have more possibilities to experience Belarus. At the end of 2017, the President signed a decree under which the term of tourists’ stay in the Brest and Grodno regions was extended to ten days. ‘Welcome to Belarus’ became, to a certain extent, the key message of 2017.

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