How is Belarus preparing for II European Games?


How is Belarus preparing for II European Games?

Minsk is preparing to host European Games in 2019. The event will take place in 1.5 years, with athletes from all over Europe gathering in the Belarus capital. There is still a lot to do: build new sports facilities, complete the reconstruction of existing ones, put roads in order, and upgrade transport.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Thousands of guests will come to us. And as the real masters of the Belarusian land, we will unite and bring our common home into proper order. After all, Belarus has always been famous for the cleanliness, well-being of cities and villages, hospitality of people. But now we have to surpass ourselves. It is necessary to make the country an exemplary one. So that each guest for a long time keeps in their soul the warm memories of Belarus.

One of the main tasks is to complete the long-term construction of Dinamo Stadium in the city center. In 2018, the arena must be ready.

By 2018 the Palace of Gymnastics should be also commissioned. However, not only sports facilities are to be completed.

Traffic lights, ground transportation, and metro. A lot of services will work in conjunction. The flow of people and vehicles will increase by several times. For Belarus, this is an unprecedented event in terms of its complexity.

For the guests of the games Minsk will create 4 special routes. They will connect the main points - the sports village, the arena, the city center. Of course, the transport corridor will operate to the airport, with 150 buses and 300 cars on the line. The rolling stock will be updated. International experts suggest actively using the city electric train, that is, to extend its route.

The task of the organizers is minimum costs and the maximum effect for local residents after the competitions. After all, everything that will be created and worked out during the EuroGames will then be used in everyday life. A separate lane will be used for transporting participants and guests of the tournament, which corresponds to the idea of Minsk authorites about a separate lane for all public transport.

Yuri Vazhnik, Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of Experts and Surveyors in Transport:
Another thing is an incident monitoring and detection system. If something happens, it should say, write on a scoreboard that something happened and suggest other routes. Such a system in Minsk was planned for a long time. I hope that during 2018 some parts of this system, an intelligent transport system, will be deployed.

Of course, the movement of personal transport in Minsk center is planned to be limited. Especially during cycling races, which will take place in the center. Thus during these hours traffic movement will have to be closed.

The mascot of the tournament is still being chosen. 

Minsk authorities are also choosing partners who will implement IT projects, including a mobile guide of Minsk, a mobile taxi project and much more.