Belarusian startup StringersHub into Starta accelerator in New York

Belarusian startup StringersHub into Starta accelerator in New York

Photo: StringersHub

The service for searching and ordering photos and videos from events named StringersHub was selected for the New York Starta Accelerator, where a four-month internship will be held, according to, who cite the founder of the project Yakov Buta.

The project is designed for the media, who will be able to buy pictures and videos from direct witnesses of any high-profile events. It is assumed that users will also be able to shoot videos by prior arrangement, having previously discussed the conditions with the customer. 

Therefore, StringersHub hopes to attract both professional stringers and amateurs who are just lucky to be at the right time in the right place

Starta Accelerator is engaged in projects created in Eastern Europe and having ambitions to enter the global market. The training lasts about four months. Participants in each set receive a grant of $40,000, payment for relocation to New York, legal and accounting services, as well as premises for work (the total amount of Starta's assistance is estimated at $130,000). 

In return, the accelerator becomes the owner of a 7% share in the project.

Graduates of the second accelerator group were other Belarusians from FriendlyData startup.