New resident in Minsk Zoo: meet camel Yashma

New resident in Minsk Zoo: meet camel Yashma

“Western beauty”-this is how the workers of Minsk zoo call their new resident.

A camel called Yashma arrived to Minsk Zoo not so long ago and quite quickly got used to her new home. She lives together with camel Vasya, who was certainly happy to have a new neighbor.

During this time of year Yashma’s fur is rather fluffy and she looks especially beautiful, and thus, she attracts her new friend.

Tatiana Soltysova, junior scientific worker of Minsk Zoo:
The camels are getting along well. Vasya and Yashma look great together. Yashma feels well and she gets along with people quite well.

Yashma is a very friendly camel, she is always happy to see visitors and enjoys receiving tasty presents from them.

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