Nikolai Lukashenko partakes in New Year charity campaign

Nikolai Lukashenko partakes in New Year charity campaign

The New Year charity marathon is continuing in Belarus. Traditionally, the family of Alexander Lukashenko is taking part in it.

The eldest of the sons of Alexander Lukashenko Viktor and Dmitry have already joined to the campaign “Our children”. They brought sweets and table games to the social-pedagogical center of Moskovsky district in Minsk, they came and wished happy New Year to a big family from a children’s home of a family type.

On January 3, 2018 the youngest son of the President together with his classmates and teacher wished happy New Year to the residents of the house for disabled and pensioners. Several years ago Alexander Lukashenko visited this place. And since then it hasn’t been forgotten.

The entire school was taking part in the preparations for the visit- from small children to teachers. The concert turned out to be bright and colorful, with performances of different genres. Songs everyone loves so much were preformed, and what is more, children played some music on the piano.

The guests brought sweets and honey from the President’s farmstead. The main surprise for the residents of the house were two decorative rabbits, which were brought here from the resident’s farmstead as well. The new friends found their feet in their new home very quickly.

Pupils come to this residential house for pensioners and people with disabilities regularly-during some celebrations and even without any reason. Such attention and care for the residents of the house is one of the most important presents they get. Especially during these Christmas days.

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