First Belarusian electric car registered with traffic police

First Belarusian electric car registered with traffic police

Deputy Director General for Research and Innovative Activities of the United Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences Oleg Elovoi told the newspaper Respublika that the first Belarusian electric car was already registered at the State Automobile Inspection.

In the interview, he stressed that the Academy of Sciences is starting the development of unmanned vehicles from a truck - now in cooperation with BelAZ they are working on a robotic quarry dump truck.

Another promising unmanned direction will be vehicles that work at factories. It will take 1.5-2 years to build a prototype.

As for electric cars, the Belarusian scientists are considering two options: the first is a low-budget one, for example, a car for garden and park areas, from which an inexpensive city car may grow over time; the second one is an electric vehicle based on the BelGee plant.

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"If it is required, we are not afraid to redo the petrol car - such experience already exists.

By the way, our experimental electric vehicle is registered with the Belarusian traffic police, and we sometimes go around the city on it," Oleg Elovoi said.

"As for refueling, we use the station of production of Vitebsk Vityaz plant. Belarus has everything to start creating infrastructure for electric vehicles. By the way, on the instruction of the President, the program of development of electric vehicles will be developed.

Soon we may see a decree providing for measures to stimulate demand for electric cars. All this should give impetus to the development of electric vehicles in Belarus."