How to promote Belarusian tourism products?


How to promote Belarusian tourism products?

Sports tourism is becoming increasingly important for Belarus.

Already now domestic operators of the travel market are working on preparing packages of services for guests who will visit Belarus during the Second European Games, which will be held in Minsk in 2019.

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Filipp Guly, Chairman of the Board of the Republican Union of Tourism Industry:
We see our policy and position as follows: this is our effective interaction with foreign institutions of the Republic of Belarus and our foreign colleagues and partners for maximum popularization of this direction and promotion of a specific Belarusian tour product for these events in distribution channels in target and potential markets.

By the way, during these New Year and Christmas days Minsk is the most popular city for Russians. More than 80% of hotel rooms are currently occupied in Minsk. The services of domestic sanatoriums (health resorts) are also in demand by foreigners.

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