Trees in Minsk become nature monuments for first time


Trees in Minsk become nature monuments for first time

By decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee flora objects in the Belarus capital were for the first time declared as nature monuments of local significance, the head of the Minsk City Center for Improvement and Maintenance of Urban Municipal Facilities Anzhelika Puzankova told the Minsk-Novosti agency.

This was preceded by long research work of the Institute of Experimental Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Both the age of plantations and their condition were evaluated (it is necessary that it be viable). As a result, the oldest surviving oaks, maples, limes, and ash trees were picked as local natural monuments. They are all more than a century old but all are well preserved.

Where can you see these trees? One of them is Belaya Dacha (oaks and limes growing there are approximately 100-120 years old). Others are The Centennial Alley, The Century Old Oak Grove "Kurasovshchina", The Maples of the Alexandrovsky Garden Square (2 trees, which, estimated by experts, are about 140 years old), The Ash of Alexandrovsky Garden Square (planted approximately in the middle of the 19th century). 

The same proud title went to a linden of the Governor's Garden, a giant poplar and a centuries-old oak tree from the Gorky Park.

As explained by Puzankova, nature monuments rely on special protection, care and maintenance. Fortunately, all these trees are in park areas and in green areas, where they are not affected by the negative impact of an aggressive urban environment. 

In 2018, appropriate plaques will be installed next to these trees.