Belarusian deputies suggesting to introduce “compatriot certificates”

Belarusian deputies suggesting to introduce “compatriot certificates”

The deputies of the House of Representatives are suggesting introducing “compatriot certificates” for Belarusians-born and their descendants.

This was said by the chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on international issues Valery Voronetsky in his interview to Belta news agency. Valery Voronetsky emphasized that “compatriot certificates” shouldn’t be compared with Poles Cards and other similar documents. The Belarusian document has an aim to strengthen the spiritual connection of Belarusians abrod with their native land.

What is more, not only diasporas will be included here, but those, whose ancestors lived on the territory of modern Belarus.

The deputy mentioned the Queen of Belgium Matilda, whose roots take their beginning from the Sapega noble family. The deputy also said that it would be great to unite such famous people, so that they understand that their roots are in Belarus.

In addition, the “compatriot certificates” will give some priorities to their holders, they will be able to visit Belarus without a visa. The deputies have referred their suggestions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Culture and other corresponding agencies.

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