Belarus U20 ice hockey team likely to remain in elite


Belarus U20 ice hockey team likely to remain in elite

In early 2018, Belarusian hockey fans are waiting for an important event. Belarus' U20 team may for the first time in many years keep a place in the elite division.

In their group, Belarus U20 took the last place, but they really caused both the Swiss and the Czechs problems. They did not allow Russians to win easily. Our team could make it to the quarterfinals, but in the end will fight for a place in the elite for the next season.

Belarus relegation battle rival will be Denmark.

The Scandinavians, like Belarusians, did not score points in the group stage. But the Danes were much worse than Belarus team.

The Danes failed to impose any competition on their rivals. The North American teams simply destroyed the Scandinavian team.

Denmark did not lose with a difference of less than three goals.

Compare it with the national team of Belarus, which lost to Switzerland and the Czech Republic by only one goal.

Is the outcome of the relegation series obvious? Or did the Danes competently spare their forces expecting a battle with Belarus?