How Belarusians celebrated New Year 2017/18


How Belarusians celebrated New Year 2017/18

Belarus met 2018 with cheer and fireworks! The brightest night of the year is behind. Congratulations and festivities were a common sight inspiring smiles and giving new hopes.

Santa Claus:
I would like to see a lot of snow in the new year, so that it covers all the roofs of the city.

Everyone has their own New Year signs, traditions, rituals. For example, Sergei, instead of sit-rounds and feasts wears a tracksuit and goes for a run. For more than 30 years he has spent every night like this. Therefore, half an hour before midnight he was at the start.

Sergey Zykov:
On January 1st, I just had a fruity dayI ran and then eat a lot of fruits. Instead of eating, we decided to go for a run.

By the way, many foreigners traditionally celebrate this holiday in Minsk, too. Here, for example, is a company from Russia. This is not their first New Year in our country.

Guests of Minsk:
This is a wonderful city, it's so nice, beautiful, clean here - unlike in Russia. I remember the hospitality and cordiality with which we met here.

More than 20 open areas hosted New Year performances in Minsk. The most large-scale festival was at the Palace of Sports and on October Square. Hundreds of citizens became one family in anticipation of the New Year's miracle.

What do you like most about Belarus?

Guests of Minsk:

Alena Lanskaya, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus:
This is a holiday of huge energy. And we, the artists of Belarus, are very pleased to be here and bring people joy.

The culmination of the New Year's celebration was a magnificent fireworks display over the Svisloch River. The colorful show lasted 15 minutes! (please watch the video).