Alexander Lukashenko’s 2018 New Year Address

Alexander Lukashenko’s 2018 New Year Address

Dear friends!

New Year of 2018 is confidently and irretrievably coming. In these very minutes it is especially felt how quickly time passes by. Certainly, the main peculiarity of the present time is its fast pace. Walking slowly in life today is the same as dropping behind. We are constantly in a hurry; we must have time to do many things, so that the wished result happens.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to slow down in life –at least for a moment- in order to see, estimate the situation, and think about important things and say kind words. The last minute before the New Year is the best time for it. And now, when there are several minutes left before the clocks strike midnight, we recall the most important things and think about the future.

In 2017 Belarus undertook resolute measures on improving its economy, what will change the Belarusian society. We took the risk to look over the horizon, set tasks before the country for the years to come. And it will take years to reach these goals. Therefore, I want to address our youth: express yourselves and create! All the doors are open for you! You must reach this desired height. The future of Belarus is in your hands!

Today we especially need the help of older generations. We need your experience, knowledge and wisdom. It is you who must help the youth in the complicated process of moving on in life, to help them avoid doing everything in the last minute, and prevent them from losing touch with reality and spending time on something pointless. Every day for creative work is dear. We have many important issues in all spheres of life ahead.

The future year is the year of great sport events of an international scale. Thousands of guests will be coming to Belarus. And as true hosts of the Belarusian land we will unite our efforts and beautify or mutual home. Belarus has always been renowned for being a clean country, for having convenient towns and villages, and for having hospitable people. However, now we need to exceed ourselves and make Belarus and example everyone would follow. So that every guest coming to Belarus will keep warm memories about our country for a long time. So that we could be proud of our Motherland even more, a beautiful, cozy, friendly and a respected country to live in.

Our ancestors were fighting for a country as this-free and independent- our ancestors were fighting so that we would be true owners of this land. Succession, respect to the achievements of people, equality and fairness are the main principles of our state.

Belarus is a country orientated at the future! The pillars of our development are high technologies and science. Indeed it is so! Nevertheless, the work of agrarian will always be in demand. Thanks to their efforts we are sitting behind a rich table today.

Dear friends! The main treasure of Belarus has always been and will stay its people. Smart, talented and goal-orientated people are those standing behind all these achievements.

Those, who every day fight for lives and health of patients.

Those, who protect law and order, the Belarusian border, ensure security of our country, and those holding state posts.

Those, working in mines and at factories, at building sites and in agriculture.

Those, who are bringing up children and successfully giving knowledge to our pupils and students, developing science.

Those, who glorify Belarus with creative and sports achievements. I would also like to congratulate those, who are not celebrating New Year at home, but at work. May this night be calm and joyful for you.

Dear friends! In a few seconds we will open a new chapter of our lives. At the moment all 365 pages are clean. But what will be written on these pages depends on every each of us. I sincerely hope that 2018 will be a peaceful, successful and happy year for you. Share your feelings, give warmth of your hearts, attention and care to your close ones. I hope that your homes will fill with the light of love and kindness!

Be happy, dear friends!

Happy New Year, Belarus!