How will foreign ambassadors be celebrating New Year in Belarus?

How will foreign ambassadors be celebrating New Year in Belarus?

Many of the foreign ambassadors to Belarus will be celebrating New Year in Belarus and not back at home. And they consider it to be a good variant!

Poland’s Ambassador to Belarus has prepared for celebrating New Year in Belarus; his New Year tree is decorated from top to bottom in the colors of the Polish flag. And what is more, it is his first time when he decorated the tree in Belarus.

Konrad Pavlik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Belarus:
Last year I was spending the New Year holidays in Poland, but this time I decided to stay in Belarus. And I am very happy. It is very interesting to see the similarities of our traditions, and the differences as well.

Together with his plans for the celebration, Konrad Pavlik also shared with his working plans and he summed up the results of Belarus-Poland cooperation in 2017.

Konrad Pavlik:
It was a very interesting and active year. The decision to introduce visa-free regime is a big step forward for the tourist flow, for the Polish tourists wanting to come to Belarus. Polish tourists are interested in visiting Belarus, we can already see that. And in the last year we have estimated that may be 50 thousand Polish tourists have visited Belarus in 2017.

The Ambassador of Japan to Belarus also agrees with the visa simplification issues. This step will be the next one in 2018.

Hiroki Tokunaga, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Belarus:
On January 1, 2018 the visa process will be simplified for Belarusian citizens.

By the way, the Japanese Ambassador recommends not stopping on Minsk as the only place where you can celebrate New Year. And he has chosen probably the most magical place in Belarus to spend this celebration.

Hiroki Tokunaga:
I am planning to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, to see Belarusian nature in all its beauty. And to see a good Father Frost as well. Yes, of course. Not long ago that Belarusians celebrate Kalyady (winter pre-Christian celebration). I suppose that it is something similar to the Japanese celebration of Namahage.

Despite the fact that Latif Gandilov became the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belarus not so long ago, he knows Belarusian traditions very well, from the Soviet times. He said that the best way of feeling another country, is to spend a celebration in this country.

Latif Gandilov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Belarus:
I want to be with everyone in the street during the New Year night. Minsk is decorated very nicely for the New Year, and I can say that it is very light in the city. Colored lights give people positive emotions.

Juan Valdés Figueroa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Cuba to Belarus:
Do you know how much mojito you can get out of it? It will be enough for many Belarusians. Ice, lemon juice, sugar and rum.

Here is a recipe of a new Year drink from Juan Figueroa, the Ambassador of Cuba. Only one month ago together with his wife and two dogs he came to Belarus. And is feeling very excited about the upcoming celebration.

Juan Valdés Figueroa:
I currently do not have any plans where we are going to celebrate New Year, but I think we will spend the celebration together with our friends.

Marta Figueroa, wife of Ambassador of Cuba to Belarus:
I did not know how to decorate a New Year tree so I asked one Belarusian woman to help me, and as for the New Year dishes…

Juan Valdés Figueroa:
Rice with black beans, salted fish salad. I like this salad very much.

No matter what accent New Year has, but this celebration is probably the most important one. And it seems that everyone shares the main treasure-human-like relations, which lay in the basis of any other relations.