President Lukashenko hopes for situation in Ukraine to change for better in 2018


President Lukashenko hopes for situation in Ukraine to change for better in 2018

The geography of Alexander Lukashenko’s working visits covers several regions and even continents in one go. As a whole, Belarus played a very important role in the European-wide processes in 2017.

What has 2018 prepared? What main events in the sector of politics should be awaited for?

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I understand what you are trying to say- we haven’t been in America and the American continent for a while. Therefore we will visit America, we have many issues there. A minimum of five American countries are inviting us, and we must go there to first of all establish trade and economic relations, which are always the foundation of our relations.

Secondly, I want the war to end in brotherly Ukraine. So that people live a normal life there, at least like in Belarus. Therefore, it is the most important problem for me, and if we can do something for our friend Ukraine, for the people of Ukraine… Ukrainian people are very hard-working, I have studied their way of living in my youth-I had to serve in the Western border district (it is Kiev, Minsk-the entire western border). I got acquainted with Ukrainians from the western part of the country very well. They are very hard-working and respectable, with whom you only need to find a common language.

Therefore, I think that it is not only Belarus’ problem. For us it is a problem because we are not only neighbors, we are close, we are brothers, do you understand? We are feeling worried for Ukraine. Ukraine is the main issue into which we should put the maximum effort in order to localize the problem. Because if the problem expands, it will be even worse. Tumor, about which we have been speaking here, will seem nothing compared to what can happen in that regional part of our territory.

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