Belarus to invigorate trade with American nations


Belarus to invigorate trade with American nations

On December 29, the Belarus President visited the new radiological building of the Minsk oncological dispensary, after which he talked to journalists.

The conversation touched on the most important topics of the past 12 months.

At an improvised press conference, foreign policy issues were discussed among other things. The Head of State stressed the importance of an early resolution of the conflict in Ukraine and shared his plans for 2018.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus will go to America. There we have many questions. We are invited by at least five nations in America, and we must certainly come there in order to first of all establish trade and economic relations, which are always the foundation in our relations.

Second. I really want to end the war in the brotherly Ukraine, so that people there began to live in a normal way, at least as much as in Belarus. Therefore for me this is the most important problem. Because we are not just neighbors, we are family, we are brothers. Do you understand? That's why we are so worried about Ukraine. This is the main thing where we must exert maximum efforts to localize this problem. Because if it grows, it will cause enormous problems.

The cancer tumor in the body, which we mentioned here today, will be nothing compared to what can happen in this region.