Lukashenko: Belarus needs at least 15 million people

Lukashenko: Belarus needs at least 15 million people

On December 29, the Belarus President visited the new radiological building of the Minsk oncological dispensary, after which he talked to journalists.

Alexander Lukashenko touched upon such an important topic as social and demographic policy. Belarus has created unprecedented conditions for the support of motherhood and childhood. And as a result fertility is growing. Mr Lukashenko noted that he is very interested in preserving such dynamics.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
People are our security. We need at least 15 million people in Belarus, so that Belarus does not become empty. Therefore, my only advice is to give birth.

Second. Nowhere in the world is there such support for motherhood and childhood as in Belarus. And you know we went too far in some things, especially with regard to the first child: support for families with the first child - we pay everyone. Why? A child in a family is happiness, whatever the family is. The birth of a child, especially the first is happiness! And we pay you for this happiness. Therefore, I say that we have taken unprecedented measures, not to mention the second, third births. About large families and those who gave birth to five. One could not imagine more assistance.

You noticed that recently, Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] has repeated as the main argument of the election campaign only to some extent what we have already done. Especially in support of motherhood and childhood. Therefore, the main thing for you is to give birth. The rest is up to us.

God forbid for anyone to get into this institution. But I sincerely was convinced that they will take care of our health and we will be diagnosed in time, there is a complete cure for the most terrible disease.

The journalists asked the President about the country's food security. The head of state called the outgoing year for agriculture "extreme" and noted that Belarusian farmers can achieve better results if they increase discipline.

After the meeting Alexander Lukashenko congratulated everyone on the upcoming holidays. Journalists, in turn, presented the President with a New Year's gift - a set of handmade Christmas toys.