BATE's Denis Polyakov moves to APOEL


BATE's Denis Polyakov moves to APOEL

Ex-defender of FC BATE Denis Polyakov, has moved to APOEL from Cyprus has spoken about the reasons for his decision.

I have to admit the decision to change the situation was not easy for me. Still, it is not easy to venture to move to an unfamiliar country and even with a different way of life. However, every year the conviction grew that something must be changed. After all, 8 years spent in Belarus - 2 in Shakhter, 6 in BATE - is a long period of time.

But doubts were present. On the one hand, the more you are in one place, the more you get used to the situation, stability, the less you want changes, and this is the right path to stagnation. But on the other hand, the desire to develop, try myself in a different place, in a different environment, did not allow going with the flow and played an important role in what has happened plans. If there were any doubts, I drove them away and believed that everything would turn out well for me.

Although the decision to change the club took a long time.

I was invited by APOEL a year ago. They were very persistent in their aspirations.

So in the end I decided I could move. And when I was once again offered to move to the champion of Cyprus, I was already mentally ready.

Especially APOEL is almost ideal for me, for continuing my career. After all, since my childhood I've dreamed of playing in clubs that have ambitious goals and solve high tasks. First that was Shakhtyor, then BATE. Now APOEL. This team is the trendsetter in Cypriot football, fights for titles and regularly appears in the group stages of European competitions. The philosophy of football of my new club is close to the one that we were taught at BATE.

Nevertheless, I still don't realize that I am already a player of a different team.

For now I still feel like a visitor. Still it seems that soon the vacation will end and I will join BATE guys in Dudinka and start preparing for the new season. Probably, the situation will change after the first training in APOEL.

I expect that the adaptation won't take long.

In Borisov, I left a part of my soul. I consider BATE my native club, I will always cheer for it. And I do not exclude that one day I will return to the team with which I experienced many pleasant moments," Polyakov said.