Belarus President advices children to look beyond gadgets

Belarus President advices children to look beyond gadgets

About 2,500 children came to the main Christmas tree feast to Minsk from different regions of Belarus.

By tradition, the President congratulated the young and talented saying that it is the younger generation that can save and multiply today's achievements.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The coming year will be the most serious in terms of education. You, of course, are now immersed in various kinds of gadgets and other computers. You know, it's inevitable for a person. But I would advise you to at least for a bit put aside these computers and other gadgets, to go outdoors, see everything that happens around you, not only through the Internet, but with the naked eye. Thus you will become richer, more beautiful, more modern. Thus you will not lose your identity.

For us, adults, there is no better gift than your happy eyes and smiles on your faces.

The head of state wished the kids to maintain faith in good, the purity of the soul and sincere attitude towards people, as well as the fulfillment of all desires. One of them was certainly fulfilled today. The children were offered a New Year show and met with Santa Claus.

Children were also given New Year gifts from the President. Even before the concert, all the children admitted: the New Year is one of the most favorite holidays, the time of good and magic. The wishes that you make near the main tree of the country are sure to be fulfilled.

The New Year is such a magical holiday, when all children (and not only children) see that all their dreams come true. I believe in the magic that happens on New Year's Eve.

Oh, this is sheer joy! Santa Claus will bring us presents.

It is a holiday for children, for adults. These are gifts and surprises.

The event is held within the charitable campaign "Our Children", which has become traditional. Partaking in today's event were children that won school olympiads and creative contests, sports competitions, as well as orphans.