37-year-old weather record broken in Belarus

37-year-old weather record broken in Belarus

Photo: sb.by

A temperature record of 37 years ago was broken on December 25 Christmas day in Brest, writes SB Belarus Today. 

According to Svetlana Rybakova, Deputy Head of the Meteorological Forecasts Service of BelGidromet, in December 2015, it was even warmer than in 2017. But the day's record was overcome. 

In Brest, the air temperature reached 9.1 degrees Celsius, which is 0.9 degrees higher than the previous record. The previous maximum temperature was also recorded in Brest on December 25, 1980.

This week, the weather will be quite warm for December. Precipitation is expected in the form of rain and wet snow. It is unlikely to be snowy on the New Year's Eve 2017/18.

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