Belarus President to students: Never rush to make hasty decisions in your life

Belarus President to students: Never rush to make hasty decisions in your life

On December 27, another New Year tradition was born in Belarus. 250 of the most talented young people from all over the country were invited to the ball at the Palace of Independence.

Among the guys are promising athletes, young inventors, winners of the Olympiads, and pupils with highest marks. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that all conditions for self-realization have been created in Belarus today. The current generation will give today's students a sovereign, independent state. And now the future of Belarus depends on today's participants of the holiday.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We must work very hard, and the main thing is to learn. And most importantly one must do everything in time in their life. If you now need to get an education, you should get it right now. If you do everything on time, you will be successful.

You are at such an age when you practically question everything. You know, one of my principles in life is to question every idea, every innovation.

To question it does not mean that you reject it. This is the first step to the fact that you will comprehend this idea.

Do not rush to make a decision. This is very important for young people. Do you know why? Because you also write your story, the history of your life. And one single wrong decision can stay with you forever.

Therefore, do not rush making decisions in everything. Beginning from study, marriage, birth of children, everything must be thought out and to the place, consciously. Never hurry. If a person knows how to do things on time, then they are already wise.

The participants of the meeting called the event "bright and unforgettable". The most important thing for the guys is the opportunity to share with the head of state their plans and ideas in an informal atmosphere and talk about the projects that have already been implemented.

The most gifted and talented young people receive support from the President's special fund.

 «Будете делать все вовремя, будете успешными»

 «Будете делать все вовремя, будете успешными»

Kirill Krupenko:
We arrived with a good mood, but this situation is simply mesmerizing. This is a fabulous atmosphere, we really like it here. In our country, there is an opportunity to realize yourself. We must act, we must learn, we must try. Of course, nothing will come by itself.

Andrei Abramovich:
Belarus does much for young people. We have a very developed youth policy, and our President supports it. We, as students, are very pleased when we are invited to such kinds of events. Especially not as graduates, but as students who stood out in a good way. And we have such an honor - to attend such an event.

The meeting at the Palace of Independence is a prologue to big New Year celebrations all over Belarus. The charitable campaign "Our children" is going on in Belarus, when state officials visit children's homes and orphanages and give gifts to children and their mentors.