Hleb: European ministates have made progress in football


Hleb: European ministates have made progress in football

Belarusian midfielder Alexander Hleb has said about the chances of the Belarus national football team in the upcoming League of Nations.

"It was always more difficult for me to play against the weaker teams. It was difficult to open their defenses. We are still not Spain, which can play amazing passing game.

All dwarf teams are improving their class, they have made a huge step forward. If they can, why can't Belarus do the same? We need to do this too," said Hleb to Belarus 1.

After the end of the World Cup qualification group stage, the national team of Belarus guaranteed a place in pool D of the League of Nations.

Group D features 16 weakest European national football teams - 4 groups of 4 teams. Inside the groups, each team will play against each other at home and away.

The winners of the groups will compete with each other in the playoffs, in which a ticket to the top tournament will be played (during this League of Nations, a ticket to the Euro 2020 will be contested).

Belarus has never made it to top tournaments like the World Cup and European Championships and this is probably the best chance for the nation to get into Euro 2020 though the Nations League.