What will Belarusians' biometric passports look like?

What will Belarusians' biometric passports look like?

The new biometric passports, which are planned to be produced in Belarus in 2019, promise to be beautiful: they will feature images of architectural monuments of Belarus on their pages, said Aleksey Begun, head of the Department for Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in an interview with the newspaper Na Strazhe (On Guard).

"We have almost completed the preparatory stage of introducing biometric technologies into Belarus' national documents. Now the samples of the new passport and ID card are being coordinated with relevant authorities.

We are also in the process of receiving consent regarding the technical task for the very system of their issuance and collection of biometric data, which must comply with all international standards.

It's nice that they take into account our national peculiarities: on each page of the passport we want to place the iconic architectural monuments of Belarus. The final design of the passport and ID card will be approved at the highest level," Begun said.

Biometric passports will not be mandatory for receipt: Belarusians will be able to choose to use either the old document or an ID card.

ID card will cost one basic value (about $1.2). Passport three basic values (about $3.6).

The electronic chip of the new document will store the personal data of a citizen. In particular, this will be their photography, electronic signature and fingerprints.

It is also planned that Belarusians will be able to receive two fully identical valid passports.

They will be able to take one to go anywhere, and leave the second in the embassy to wait for the visa.

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