IT entrepreneur Prokopenya about bitcoin millionaires in Belarus

IT entrepreneur Prokopenya about bitcoin millionaires in Belarus

The popular Belarusian IT entrepreneur and venture capital investor has given an interview to the Stolichnoe Televidenie program “Simple Questions”, where he spoke about the number of bitcoin millionaires in Minsk.

Viktor Prokopenya, IT entrepreneur, venture capital investor:
At the moment we see redistribution of money. Which are given to those who were students at the beginning of the 2010’s. Some time ago it was common to give 25 bitcoins as a small souvenir. IT –specialist presented one another coins with a code at the back. Some lost these coins and then found them again. Today 25 bitcoins worth $400, 000. Those who have been in online business for some time, believed in it. Just imagine, a person bought 1000 bitcoins in 2010, and today he has $15 million.

The prominent Belarusian IT entrepreneur also commented on the rate of bitcoins today and the possible risk of buying cryptocurrencies.

Viktor Prokopenya:
The more we speak about bitcoins, the more expensive it gets. However, if tomorrow some regulators shut down several cryptocurrency stock markets, the prices will fall down immensely. So you should buy cryptocurrency for the money you are not afraid of losing.

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