Old Belarusian drink will save us after New Year feasts

Old Belarusian drink will save us after New Year feasts

Winter is a special time of the year where there are many celebrations and national traditions you can enjoy. On December 24 Catholics of the world celebrated Christmas Eve and on December 25 the bright holiday of Christmas. This is when many other celebrations of winter begin, and it is not only New Year and Orthodox Christmas, but many other celebrations which have come to us from the pagan times.

And of course, a good celebration cannot be without good food. The advantages of Belarusian cuisine was one of the issues discussed during the program “What’s going on?”

Yelena Mikulchik, chef, expert of Belarusian cuisine and specialist on the history of culinary art:
Oat kisel (jelly-like drink) was usually served at the end of a meal. Oat kisel is the only product of the Slavic cuisine which has officially been recognized as medicine, as a drink against different illnesses. It contributes to the improvement of immunity, health promotion and weight loss.

Egor Khrustalev, host:
I pretty well can imagine how the majority of New Year celebrations end. Should kisel be served then?

Yelena Mikulchik:
In order to neutralize the all the consequences of the New Year dinner. Our ancestors were wise and their meal was set up in a way which wouldn’t do any harm to health.

Egor Khrustalev:
To begin with Kutya (traditional cereal dish) and to end with Kisel?

Yelena Mikulchik:
You are absolutely right.